ICYMI: Federal Government Empowers Homeowners with Energy-Saving Incentives for Upgrades and Savings

To promote energy efficiency and help consumers save money, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), signed into law by President Joe Biden, includes a range of incentives aimed at encouraging homeowners to enhance their properties. According to a Yahoo! Finance article, homeowners can create more eco-friendly homes while also boosting their finances. Right now, consumers can save on energy efficient appliances and building materials, such as insulation:

Extreme weather will continue to affect the U.S. As the temperatures ping-pong from hotto cold, installing more energy-efficient insulation can save you up to 20% on your gasbill. And Biden can help you out with the initial costs.

Families can receive a 30% tax credit for energy-efficient insulation. This includes a$1,200 credit for “adding insulation or installing efficient windows and doors…”

Specifically, the 25C tax credit program enables homeowners to receive up to $1,200 to offset the initial expenses of insulating their homes with spray foam insulation.

Consumers looking to increase their home’s resiliency, reduce their energy usage, and save money should look to spray foam insulation to strengthen their home’s building envelope.

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