ICYMI: Biden-Harris Administration Launches New Energy Earthshot to Lower Energy Bills in Affordable Housing

Yesterday, the Biden-Harris administration launched the eighth and final DOE Energy Earthshot, the Affordable Home Energy Shot, which aims to lower the cost of energy efficient upgrades in affordable housing as well as reduce utility bills.

In a statement, U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, explained that “the windows, walls, and roofs that protect our families from the elements and keep us healthy and safe are some of the most effective tools we have to lower our utility bills.” Secretary Granholm continued by vowing to “focus the Department’s research and development efforts on the most promising next-generation materials and technologies to make energy efficient home upgrades accessible to all.”

According to the release, this initiative will in part assist low-income households and residents, “who live in older homes that often lack adequate insulation.”

The Affordable Home Energy Shot brings focus to the fact that “nearly a third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to America’s 130 million homes and commercial buildings, which use 40% of the nation’s energy and 75% of its electricity.”

When it comes to addressing energy challenges, spray foam insulation stands out as an innovative building material that can help meet our country’s goals of increasing energy efficiency in every home nationwide. Spray foam insulation’s ability to air seal and insulate homes helps to reduce energy consumption, ultimately leading to lower utility bills.

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