ICYMI: Kansas Spray Foam Insulation Discusses Ways to Improve Your Home’s Comfort

Kansas Spray Foam Insulation founders Diana and Kevin Brauer recently appeared on local Fox-affiliate station KSNT to share the benefits of spray foam insulation with viewers, the best way to make your home “nice and cozy and comfortable.”

As Diana mentioned on the program, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) “provides for substantial tax benefits to homeowners…that complete a wide range of energy efficiency upgrades,” including installing spray foam insulation.

Kevin stressed the importance of a home’s building envelope, which “shields you from the outside elements,” and identified insulation and air sealing as “the biggest component (to strengthen your home’s building envelope).”

He further emphasized that “spray foam has been by far proven to be the most effective (insulation material) because it’s an automatic air barrier… It has higher R ratings, which improves your thermal efficiency, so your HVAC works better. And, it is permanent; you just don’t have to go back and add more.”

Get ahead of winter’s chill by fortifying your home with the best defense—consider the unmatched benefits of spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation provides your home with a reliable and lasting shield against the cold, delivering not only immediate insulation but also long-term savings on energy costs. Don’t just weather the winter; embrace it with a home that’s thoughtfully insulated for maximum comfort and efficiency.

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