ICYMI: Make Sure Your Home Is Ready for Winter

With temperatures dropping across the country, now is the right time to check your home’s
insulation needs to ensure you are ready for the winter.

Jacob Clark, co-owner of iFOAM, a spray foam insulation contractor in Ashland, West Virginia,
recently stopped by local NBC-affiliate station WSAZ to talk about ways his company is helping
homeowners lower their energy bills and maximize comfortability.

“So, one of the biggest issues with wintertime is that that heat in your home is trying to escape at all times. Seventh-grade science will tell you that heat always goes towards cold air. So, in the wintertime, as you’re heating your house it’s trying to escape outside. Our solution for that is to better insulate your home, preferably with spray foam…

“We tend to prefer spray foam for the return on investment that it provides. With spray foam, you can reduce your energy bills up to 40%, which I can personally attest to that I did my home and I’m saving about $30 a month on my energy bill rate…

“And then on top of that, it really helps the comfortability of your home. In my house, I used to have to keep it on 68 degrees, so my AC was running all the time. Luckily now since I’ve insulated it on sitting at like 73 degrees, and I’m cold in my home sometimes. So, it’s been a huge help for me personally, and I’ve heard from a ton of customers that it’s been great for them as well.

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