ICYMI: Peter Huntsman on Rewarding Innovation, Using Raw Materials to Produce Polyurethane Foam

Yesterday, Peter Huntsman, President and CEO of Huntsman Corporation, attended and provided witness testimony to the Environment, Manufacturing, And Critical Materials Subcommittee Hearing, titled, “Exposing EPA Efforts To Limit Chemicals Needed For Life-Saving Medical Devices And Other Essential Products.”

When asked what Congress can do to help keep companies in America, Mr. Huntsman replied that “it really is about rewarding innovation,” going on to say that innovation allows Huntsman Corporation to take raw materials, such as recycled water bottles, and turn it into “polyurethane foam to insulate houses.”

“I can answer that very briefly. It really is about rewarding innovation. You look at something as simple as this water bottle. This water bottle 10 years ago took enough plastic to probably produce 10 water bottles today. And that’s about innovation. It’s about reducing resource. This is very profitable to make something like that because you’re reducing raw materials, and it’s also better for the environment. This is also raw material for our company. We consume nearly 2 billion of these bottles is the raw material for a polyurethane foam to insulate houses. So this is both the raw material, it’s technology, it’s innovation.” – Peter Huntsman

American innovation makes it possible for state-of-the-art building materials, like spray foam insulation, to enter the market, help meet our country’s goals of increasing energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills for consumers, and help the environment.

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