ICYMI: Reminder, Check Your Insulation!

Earlier this week, Tamika Norman, a morning anchor with WBOC in Maryland, reminded viewers to “check the insulation” on their homes to help reduce their energy bills.

“It’s almost Fall, so just a reminder to check the insulation on your home because you can of course reduce your energy bill.”

As homeowners begin to prepare for the cooler months ahead, they should assess their building envelope needs, as energy efficient buildings are key to reducing energy costs. Homeowners should look to optimize their insulation, which one EPA official recently touted is the “best way” to “drop your energy bills.” Innovative building materials, like spray foam insulation, are effective at insulating and air sealing any building, helping consumers stay warm in the cooler autumn months and save on energy costs. Learn more about energy ratings at:  https://www.resnet.us/raters/hers-raters/.

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