Institute For The Building Envelope Expands Board, Adds Two New Members

WASHINGTON, DC – The Institute for the Building Envelope (IBE), a trade association aimed at promoting innovative, multifunctional materials that can increase energy efficiency, safety, and comfort, has expanded its board of directors, adding Christian Nolte of Carlisle Polyurethane Systems and Kevin Page of Holcim Building Envelope by a unanimous vote. They join Doug Brady of Huntsman Building Solutions and Ian Hughes with Meritage Homes on the board in helping to set the group’s strategic vision for the next year.

“IBE is working to bring together industry leaders from across the construction industry looking to promote energy efficient buildings and materials, something all consumers can get behind,” said Christian Nolte, VP and Business Leader for Carlisle Polyurethane Systems. “Carlisle is excited to get to work raising awareness about the importance of a well-designed building envelope using innovative materials that help reduce energy usage, not to mention cost.”

“One of the best things we can do to address rising costs is focus on our home and building energy efficiency and that means talking about insulating and air sealing the building envelope,” said Kevin Page, Vice President of Sales, Spray Foam Insulation for Holcim Building Envelope. “Spray foam insulation is a proven material that insulates and air seals any building, providing maximum energy efficiency. IBE is a united front to address 21st century problems with 21st century solutions.”

“We are excited to add Carlisle and Holcim to the IBE board,” said Doug Brady, IBE Board Member and Chief Strategy Officer for Huntsman Building Solutions. “Since its inception last year, the IBE has worked diligently to improve public policy that supports building a more energy efficient and cost-effective America through the use of modern materials like spray foam insulation. Both Carlisle and Holcim have a keen understanding of the industry’s challenges and will be valued leaders in the efforts to accomplish our stronger building envelope mission.”

About IBE:

The Institute for the Building Envelope (IBE) is a trade association formed in 2022 by industry leaders in an effort to promote innovative, multifunctional materials that can increase energy efficiency, safety, and comfort. A well-designed building envelope can combat climate change, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and help structures better withstand natural disasters. IBE provides a forum for consumers and policymakers seeking to improve public policy related to commercial and residential building materials.


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